The Wild Baby Bump Comments People Make!

Baby Bump on the Red Carpet!

I’m six months preggers. And I’m not someone who barely looks like she’s expecting. My bump popped straight out, and this baby is growing. It’s just how it goes with me. I’m small boned and my family has big babies. I was an ounce away from 9 pounds when born, my brother almost 10 pounds, my first daughter was over 8 pounds and she was born a week before her due date! Because of the prominent bump, I have gotten a lot of unexpected & funny comments from people and wanted to share a few of them to give you a good laugh! Here goes…

–Coworker: “When is that thing due?”
Me: “That thing? It’s not an alien!”
Coworker: “I’m a dude. Give me a break.”

–Coworker: “Whoa! You popped! Big time!”
Me: “Yes. Yes I’m pregnant.”
Coworker: “I can’t stop looking at it. It’s all right there in front!”

— Actor (who shall remain unnamed) at recent premiere (who is obviously single & has no kids): “Wow! That is BIG!”
Me: “Yes, it’s called being pregnant. There is a baby in there.”
Unnamed actor: “When my mom was that big, she was having twins!”
Me: I start laughing hysterically and say “I don’t quite know how to respond to that.”
Unnamed actor: “Is that wrong for me to say? I mean, I just, wow.”
Me: “No, no, it’s fine. Thanks for the confidence boost.”

— Minutes later I’m still laughing at the awkward exchange and another actor at same premiere says: “You look so beautiful. You are truly glowing. You look incredible.”
Me: “Thank you. You know how to make a girl feel good unlike some others around here!”

–Stranger at the park: “Tsk Tsk… ohhhhhh… I was your size when I was pregnant.”
–Me: “Ok….um… thanks… I guess.”

–Coworker: “From the front you don’t look pregnant. Then when you turn to the side it’s like, SURPRISE!”

–Fellow mom at the park seeing me for the first time since announcing pregnancy: “Are you five months?”
Me: “Nope. 4!”

–Coworker: “You’re starting to wobble (or did he/she say waddle?) when you walk”
Me: “Thanks for the heads up.”

And then there is my sweet husband who, though I don’t need reassurance or compliments because I think the comments are colorful and all a funny part of being pregnant, still showers me with kindness and support. He thanks me frequently for doing a good job nurturing our growing baby and tells me how beautiful I am.

I’ll end with a couple of unforgettable exchanges with my 4-year old daughter Kate:
Kate: “Mommy, how big is your tummy going to get?”
Me: “Pretty big, like maybe massive.”
Kate: “Like a balloon! Like a beach ball!” (arms outstretched wide)

Kate with her hand on my stomach trying to feel baby kick for the first time:
Me: “Kate, did you feel that?”
Kate: “No.”
Me about 20 seconds later: “Kate how about that? Did you feel her kick?”
Kate: “No.”
Kate about 30 seconds later: “Mommy, was it that bump bump bump like a monster inside your tummy?”
Me: “Yes, that was it.”

Please share your funny bump stories! I know you mommies have some doozies too!