The EveryGirl Interview!

Most job descriptions don’t include interviewing Brad Pitt or covering the Royal Wedding, but for Entertainment Tonight correspondent Brooke Anderson, those tasks are all in a day’s work. Brooke is quick to point out that entertainment journalism isn’t just about the glitz and glam. “The schedule can be tough and the job takes tenacity, persistence, and dedication.” Possessing such a strong work ethic is why Brooke rose through the ranks at CNN—from intern to writer to producer to co-anchor at HLN’s “Showbiz Tonight”. She didn’t stop there. Her position at HLN eventually led to co-hosting The Insider and then to her current gig at Entertainment Tonight. After her Hollywood-filled workdays, Brooke finds the time to be the best wife and mother she possibly can be.

Brooke proves that passion, ambition, and balance lead to a success on all fronts—both work and home—which makes her a woman we can all admire. So today, this media maven shares with us how she went from working at a small news station in North Georgia to making it in the world of broadcast journalism while maintaining a tight-knit family.

Full Name: Brooke Anderson Current Title/Company: Entertainment Tonight Correspondent Educational Background: Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from The University of Georgia’



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