It’s A…



It’s a…
Before I reveal Baby Pineapple’s gender (that’s the nickname my daughter has given her sibling), I want to tell you how we found out whether Baby P is a boy or girl.
I had some blood work done by an unnamed third party testing facility. These tests determined a number of things including gender. A representative called with the results on what was a hectic Saturday morningĀ for us. It was a week and a half after I had had the blood drawn. My husband wanted to learn all the results by phone EXCEPT the gender even though we had decided we would find out this time. We had waited for a delivery room surprise with our daughter Kate.
It’s not that Jim had changed his mind. He simply said that speaking to the rep on speakerphone was not the right way to find out, and we needed to do something special. I, on the other hand, being a woman and a journalist, just thought “Give me the information!” I ultimately acquiesced and we decided together to wait for a better moment.
The rep sent the lab results to us by mail so we could open when and where we chose. That envelope sat unopened on our kitchen counter for five days while we worked to sync our schedules, secure a babysitter, and go out to dinner together. It took restraint on both our parts not to peek.
Finally, we made it to a lovely French restaurant. We really set the mood … talking baby names for boys, baby names for girls, how life will adjust, etc. Midway through the main course we decided to open the envelope. All the build up… all the anticipation… we unsealed the envelope and slowly inched our way down the sheet of paper.
When we read the patient’s name and birthdate, we laughed because it wasn’t me! The labĀ had sent the results for the wrong person. Granted, she and I share the same first name but that’s where the similarities ended!
I wasn’t worried though because I had a backup. I confidently told Jim I had it all covered! I pulled out another unopened envelope, we breathed a sigh of relief, opened it, and discovered it was a bill for the test! We laughed harder and said “The best laid plans…”
All this being said, my husband and I pray for health. The gender really makes no difference to us though my daughter has been asking for a baby sister.
After a phone call the following day, we were able to get the correct results sent. We opened during a nice, quiet evening at home and found out that Baby P is a little girl!